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Innovative small and medium-sized production firms need a reliable and sound insurance service for their day-to-day operations. We are the competent external insurance department to quickly and confidentially provide answers and solutions to insurance questions or problems that owners and employees may have.

With its "Business Unit Small and Medium-Sized Companies" GRAF BRÜHL Versicherungsmakler GmbH concentrates on the specific requirements of owner-managed manufacturing companies, such as metal working and processing companies, paper manufacturers or agricultural and forestry production firms.

An essential component of our services is the identification, analysis and evaluation of risks on the basis of the individual needs and requirements of the owner or managing partner. It is our objective to secure the company's assets and profits derived from them. In close coordination with our clients the insurance management is customised to the clients' specific requirements and administrative processes. In addition to risk management it includes continuous monitoring and further development of policy wordings, and, last but not least, claims management.

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